Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner

Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner

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As we get older, it's not unusual to experience some leaking from time to time. This is often referred to as "laughter leaks" however this is not a laughing matter!

It is estimated that in Canada there are 1.5 million women that have urge, stress or an overactive bladder and up to 50% of women between 60 and over have this problem. Only 30% of women seek treatment because they feel too embarrassed or believe nothing can be done about it. If you are visiting the bathroom more than 8 times a day, leaking while doing activities or getting up at night more than once it’s not normal it could very well be that you need to correct this and do something as early as possible.

Dr Chris Steel states:

 "The best way to treat Bladder Weakness is to exercise your pelvic floor muscles"

Kegel 8 Ultra 20

  • 20 newly upgraded clinically-proven programs
  • Can be used with electrodes applied to the ouside of your body.
  • The Kegel 8 Ultra 20 dual channel device automatically locates and exercises your pelvic floor muscles
  • You will notice a vast imporvement wihtin just a few weeks of training

Your purchase will include:

  • Kegel 8 Ultra 20 - with 20 pre-programmed exercise programs.
  • Includes - Vaginal Probe
  • Electrode Pads- If you do not want to or cannot use a vaginal sensor we have the solution for you. Kegel8 is the only home-use trainer that uses out-side the body stimulation with clinically proven results.
  • Leadwires, Battery and Instruction Manual