The Femme Flexor
The Femme Flexor
The Femme Flexor
The Femme Flexor
The Femme Flexor
The Femme Flexor

The Femme Flexor

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The Femme Flexor is a pelvic floor strengthening tool made with 100% body-safe platinum grade silicone. The Femme Flexor's unique patent-pending design aims at targeting the three layers of tissue in the vagina. When inserted into the vaginal canal, the Femme Flexor adds gentle resistance to pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Muscles get stronger over time by performing exercises regularly.

Did you know…

The average woman with urinary incontinence spends between $2500 to $3000 on adult diapers each year. Femme Flexor empowers you to take control of your intimate well-being.

  • Conquer leakage
  • Reverse postnatal or
    age-related changes
  • Live pad-free

How To Use

STEP ONE: Clean and Sanitize.

Use warm water and a scent-free soap for sanitizing your hands and the tool.


STEP TWO: Apply Lubricant.

It’s important to completely relax when inserting the Femme Flexor. Your pelvic floor is part of your deep core muscles, so relaxing your upper body and abdominal muscles is going to make insertion more comfortable.

Slowly insert the Femme Flexor into your vagina – just past the entrance – no further. When the entire tool is inside, simply remove your fingers. You’ll likely feel a sensation of fullness and you may already feel the impulse to contract your pelvic floor muscles around the device.

STEP THREE : Insert the Femme Flexor.

It’s best to use water-based lubricant to make insertion easier. Apply a small amount of lubricant on the narrow end of the Femme Flexor.


STEP FOUR: Exercise.

Take a deep breath in.

As you begin to exhale, contract your pelvic floor muscles by squeezing your Femme Flexor.

Keep breathing out while holding your contraction for five seconds. Your diaphragm (your breathing muscle) and your pelvic floor muscles are connected like a piston. When you inhale, your pelvic floor is pushed down. When you exhale, your pelvic floor is lifted up. You should contract your pelvic floor as you exhale to use the momentum.

Repeat this exercise 10 times, and continue to breathe. Do not hold your breath.

As your pelvic floor muscles become stronger, you can increase the number of sets and begin to hold your contraction for up to ten seconds at a time.


STEP FIVE: Removal

Use warm water and a scent-free soap for sanitizing your hands.

Being relaxed is essential for removing the Femme Flexor, so find a comfortable position. We suggest you try returning to the same position you chose to insert the Femme Flexor, or try squatting down, or standing putting one foot on the toilet.

To remove the Femme Flexor, put one or two fingers in your vagina as you use your stomach muscles to push the Femme Flexor down. Grab hold of one of the apertures. Once you have looped your finger into an aperture of the device, slide the Femme Flexor out, gently rocking it from side to side.


STEP SIX: Clean and Store.

Rinse the Femme Flexor with water and scent-free soap being extra mindful of the apertures. Store in the original Femme Flexor cotton bag.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I know I am using the right muscles

From Tracy: 53
I have personally found my use of the Femme Flexor to be unlike other products I have used for pelvic floor well-being. My experiences with weighted kegal balls and other commonly-recommended products were always "meh". I would try them once or twice, insert as directed, stand up, and feel shame and frustration as the weight had them often start to slip out of my vagina. I felt broken. With the Femme Flexor, it is light, I have not had it slip out when I stand and walk, and the design actually has me able to feel my muscles squeezing it. I know I'm using the right muscles! I enjoy using this product thoroughly. Tracy

Great product!

I am in my 50's and have been doing kegel's since I gave birth to my two son's and I have also used weighted vag beads to strengthen my pelvic floor. I was very excited to try the Femme Flexor as I was told it can enhance masturbation. It inserts like a Diva Cup so if you have used one of those this will be a joke for you. For those of you who do pleasure yourselves I highly recommend this product to enhance this experience. It really increases pleasure and knowing that you are doing kegel exercises at the same time is a huge bonus. It's also Canadian designed so it feels fab to be supporting a local designer. Give it a try you'll love it!