Mens Bowel Health

Mens Bowel Health

Keep your bowels in good health with Kegel8!

Constipation, piles, hemorrhoids, male pelvic pain and rectal prolapse… we’re quite sure that these are things that you want to avoid. A strong and healthy male pelvic floor will help you to keep your bowels in good health, and keeping your bowels in good health will help you to have a strong pelvic floor!

Sounds complicated?

Well, it’s not. For example, avoiding constipation will help your pelvic floor muscles as you won’t have to strain as much to go to the toilet. But, having strong pelvic floor muscles will help you to go to the toilet easier, which helps with constipation!

What’s more, exercising with Kegel8 and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles could also help you with chronic male pelvic pain and help you to avoid or treat a rectal prolapse or rectocele. What have you got to lose?


  • Strong, healthy pelvic floor muscles.
  • Helps with constipation.
  • Avoid rectal prolapse.
  • Treat chronic pelvic pain.
  • Helps with a whole range of men’s health issues.