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  • What are the differences between Magnetic and. Non Magnetic Dilators?

    Magnetic Vaginal Dilators vs Nonmagnetic Dilators – Why are the magnets important?  Author: VuVaTech    A vaginal dilator is a pelvic health devic...
  • What Are Kegel Exercises & How To Do Them

    Author: Kegel8  

    If you're wondering how to Kegel correctly, you have come to the right place. Pelvic floor exercises should be an important part of both men and women's daily exercise routine. Pelvic exercises strengthen the core muscles that support your pelvic organs such as your bladder, bowel and uterus, and a strong and healthy pelvic floor means no leaks, less chance of prolapse and greater intimate sensation for both you and your partner.

  • Medical report Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle regarding PeniMaster®PRO

    • The use of a penis expander prior to and after penis surgery is helpful.
    • Regarding complications, in preparation for a penis implant, when injecting a PMMA filler in order to thicken the penis
    • there are no alternatives to using an expander
    • An expander must meet certain design criteria in order to be able to wear it comfortably and for a sufficiently long period of time and to use it after surgery
    • The vacuum chamber of an expander should be designed anatomically in order to allow for the highest levels of comfort and maximum application times.
  • How does Penimaster Pro compare to all other penis extenders (traction devices) available in the market? i.e. Andropenis, X4labs, Physiomed, Fastsize or Sizegenetics?

    For many years I recommended Fastsize (off-market), or X4labs for men with penile curvature. Evidence is emerging from centers of urological excellence that penile traction may aid in promoting straightening of the curved penis and regaining of loss of length due to penis scarring (Peyronie’s plaque, implant surgery removal, infection, trauma, hourglass deformity and other medical conditions).  My patients who purchased the above products weren’t happy to use them and gave up after a few tries. It was disheartening that I was recommending something that my patients didn’t like to use.
  • Controlled clinical study in the British Journal of Urology: PeniMaster PRO is safe and effective in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease (curvature of the penis) - the device can be used as an alternative to an operation

    Results of the clinical study:​

    • PeniMaster PRO is safe and efficient
    • PeniMaster PRO is well received by patients
    • PeniMaster PRO is rapidly effective and has very few side effects
    • PeniMaster PRO straightens curvatures caused by Peyronie’s disease (IPP, Induratio penis plastica) by more than 50% in just three months
    • PeniMaster PRO should be used before a straightening operation, and then the operation may no longer be necessary
    • PeniMaster PRO increases penile length up to 0,4 inches per month
    • The special construction of PeniMaster PRO allows long wearing times, and therefore good results, which cannot be transferred to other penis expanders.
  • Studies and Medical reports PeniMaster®PRO

    Dr. Timo A. Spanholtz about penis enlargement surgery and PeniMaster PRO

    • The result of a penis enlargement operation can not be predicted and is depending on the patient's physis
    • 1,5-2,5 cm of durable penile lengthening can be expected
    • Thickening of the penis by operation is more predictable. 1,5-2,5 cm in circumference can be expected.
    • Risks of penile surgery are moderate.
    • After a lengtening or thickening operation, a penile stretcher must be used in order to safe the result of the surgery.
    • Dr. Spanholtz uses Penimaster Pro rod expander only: high comfort, extensive wearing times possible, fixation only at the glans.