Penimaster® Pro Complete Penile Traction System
Penimaster® Pro Complete Penile Traction System
Penimaster® Pro Complete Penile Traction System
Penimaster® Pro Complete Penile Traction System
Penimaster® Pro Complete Penile Traction System
Penimaster® Pro Complete Penile Traction System

Penimaster® Pro Complete Penile Traction System

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Are you trying to find out if the Penimaster Pro is right for you ? Come checkout out The Penimaster Pro FAQ's

NOTE: The Penimaster comes with 2 x Medium Sluices &  2 x Medium Diaphragms. We highly recommend having backups. Please add them to your order above. 

About the Penimaster PRO

The PeniMaster®PRO are medical expanders (extenders) or penile traction systems which elongate the penis in a physiologically proper manner over an extended period of time. The PeniMaster®PRO is used for corrective enlargement, straightening or therapy of the penis before and after surgery.

Urologists worldwide recommend traction devices to assist their patients in order to achieve some of the following goals:

  • Penis elongation
  • More penis circumference
  • Enlargement of the glans
  • Straightening of curvatures
  • Improvement of the erection
  • Therapeutic fields of application

The Penimaster Pro is approved in Canada to treat urological conditions that cause shortening or curvature of the penis. 

Rod Expander System
PeniMaster®PRO as axially symmetrical rod expander in connection with PeniMasterPRO the rod pulling force generator allows for elongating the penis in an axially symmetrical manner without abutment far from the penis (attachment location). This means that no other bodily part or piece of clothing is required to generate the pulling force on the glans chamber and that the pulling force is nearly the same at all positions of the penis. By using the rod expander the penis can be elongated either in an upwards or a downwards direction or diagonally – and this has proven to be unobtrusive, even under normal clothing. Thus, many activities of day-to-day life can be implemented without any problems.

PeniMaster®PRO belt expander system
The belt system developed specifically for being used together with PeniMasterPRO allows for versatile training of the penis tissue by elongation. The belt pulling force generator can be worn in the most different manners, for example similar to a suspender as shoulder belt, as hip belt, or even as knee belt. Each of the techniques mentioned above has its own advantages. The belt expander system PeniMasterPRO can be worn unnoticeably under the normal clothing, as hip belt even under simple knickers. The belt expander system rarely and hardly limits you during your day-to-day activities.

Uses: For penile traction therapy, Penile size enhancement, Curvature correction, Increase penile length

Features: Protects the foreskin, Adapts to the glans, Easy and convenient, Can be worn underneath clothing, Can be worn painlessly for hours


Penimaster® Pro Studies

What comes with your Penimaster Pro Kit ? 

  • 1 x PeniMasterPRO (basic system) - Anatomically self-adapting connection to the glans of the penis
    • 1 x Sluice ring
    • 2 x Split adapter (two sizes)
    • 1 x Standard rotary valve
  • 1 x Pump ball application system
  • 1 x ProMaster Comfort and Care
  • Starter-set diaphragm and sluice (Wear parts)
    • 1x medium standard diaphragm (grey) made of latex:
      Anatomically adaptive medium standard adhesion diaphragm (yellow) made of soft latex: Adapts to the shape and size of the glans in a physiologically flexible manner and transmits the pulling force to the penis.
    • 1x Medium standard sluice (grey)
      Medium standard sluice consisting of medical latex: prevents the penetration of air between glans and adhesion diaphragm.
    • If you need larger or small size slices or diaphragms please visit our Peyronies page here 
  • 1 x Manual 
  • 1 X Soft carrying case


Files & PDF's

Solved: PDF Icon use legality? - Adobe Support Community - 9883401 Penimaster Pro Manual 


Customer Reviews

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Joe Brosseau
Excellent service à la clientèle

Il est rare de nos jours de voir un service à la clientèle aussi professionnel que celui de Urologie Health Store canada. Mention spéciale à Bradley pour son dévouement remarquable. La compagnie peut se compter chanceuse d'avoir dans son équipe un représentant de sa qualité.

Francois Paradis
Great product

A bit difficult to assemble but once you got it, it is pretty good. The ring that goes around at the base of the penis is a bit hard but we get used to it. I would highly recommend. François

Donald Emes

Penimaster® Pro Complete Penile Traction System

Usage for the maladie de la peyronie

As for now, the system works really well and I look forward to see if it will help for my trouble

Nelson Vergara