Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & Labour TENS

Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & Labour TENS

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  • Three-step programs from pre-conception, birth and your future pelvic womensolutionpelhealth
  • Kegel8 Mother Nurture has programs for pelvic floor exercises and TENS programs for labour
  • Keeps your pelvic floor in great shape for your delivery
  • TENS pain relief during labour
  • Strengthens your pelvic floor and speeds up recovery of your pelvic floor after delivery
  • Better sexual sensations for you and your partner soon after delivery

Your Purchase will Include:

  • Kegel 8 Mother Nuture Controller - with 8 clinically proven pelvic floor and labour TENS program
  • Boost Button - Boost Button control deliver a higher intesnity of TENS pain relief during contractions
  • Comfort Sensor / Probe - PR-16
  • Electrode Pads- 4 packs of skin electrodes for delivering TENS pain relief during labour
  • Leadwires, Battery and Instruction Manual

Why Buy Mother Nurture by Kegel8 if you plan to have a family? 

30% of all women will suffer incontinence after childbirth and 10% will suffer faecal incontinence this is a statistic that we don’t want to hear about after we decide that we want to start a new family. We would like to help you through this joyful stage of your life making sure that your body is fit before during and after pregnancy in order that you continue your life as you were before.

Mother Nature by Kegel8 is a class 2 medical device registered with Health Canada that uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and TENS for natural pain relief during labour.

Purchasing a Mother Nature Kegel8 is the perfect gift to yourself that will keep giving for the remainder of your life!

Kegel8 Mother Nurture is has three benefits in one device. Most importantly it will help keep your pelvic floor fit and toned and you can focus on you and your baby both during pregnancy and beyond.

 1. Pre-Conception – You and your partner have decided to have a baby so you make some lifestyle changes, exercise and modified your diet but you have missed a very important muscle. By using Mother Nurture you will end up being in the best shape ever to conceive because the device actually increases circulation and can boost conception rates!

 2. Labour is painful however there is a natural alternative for drugs during delivery that also drug your baby. Labour TENS is a clinically proven way that naturally blocks pain signals to your brain encouraging the release of substance P and many types of endorphins that help you control pain during the delivery of your baby. You have control of the intensity and timing of the TENS current by using a hand held switch called a ‘boost’ button, and the Mother Nurture delivers the current through skin electrodes that only penetrate the surface of the skin to stimulate nerve endings that will control the pain during your labour contractions.

3.  Getting your pelvic region back in shape after having your baby. It's not talked about much in Canada but there is a real concern with women. Will we ever regain our intimate shape after having a baby? Both you and your partner do not want to lose it, but it can be inevitable if you don’t do something about it.